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Race Part Room
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Ignition Parts

ignition parts
Lancaster Aermacchi Sprint carry points, condensers, and coils for those Aermacchi Sprints with magneto's , the CR, CRTT, CRS, ERS. We also are dealers for PVL electronics ignitions for the 350 and 250 tapered cranks. Sorry they won't go on the 73-74 cranks

Clutch Parts

Aermacchi Sprint

We offer a reproduced Steel Drive Clutch Plate which replaces those dreaded CR, ERS,breaking plates.Also available is the conversion clutch pack that reverses the clutch plates. We have  springs and nuts to upgrade that " old racer" too.

Valve Train Parts

Light weight EXTRA strong 6061 T6 Aluminum push rods in every length, special valve spring for all types of cams, Followers- Hollow, Hardened and Ground, Concave surfaces. These are also available with tin coating. Follower Bushings ( available in 10mm & 12mm). Aluminum 6061 T6 collars and keepers ,with up graded steel keepers. Also available Collars ( Titanium) , valve spring bottom cups ( steel )


Cams with several grinds and designs. We offer MEGACYCLE CAMS in N-6, L-1 grinds for tapered nose magneto. Spindle for ignition advance mechanisms. Also Slotted design. I also have Reprofiled cams in L-1, H, N-, and "F" made from street cams. I also have available cams for the Street Motor HOP UP'S

Connecting Rods

We offer two of the finest Race Rods available today. The CARRILLO connecting rod is a precision, high strength, quality connecting rod. When properly installed and maintained it will perform flawlessly in today's racing and high performance internal combustion engines. CARRILLO offers a renewable sleeve in the big end for easy rebuilding. We also offer a European ARROW Rod with a lighter, much smaller needle bearing cage. This is fitted to each specific crank and balanced. We have the tooling and knowledge to set up and balance each crank .


Arias Racing Pistons

These  are top quality forged aluminum pistons with new style piston rings, 3 oil rings and thinner scraper and compression rings for less friction. Pistons come with Rings, Piston pin, and clips. 66mm to 80mm Cylinder sleeves are also available.

Below is a view of our "Chrome Wall"
We have many of the Sprint parts already chromed & ready to go.
Please Call us for price & availability

Sprint chrome

Crankshaft parts...

Pictures coming soon
But here is the Available parts
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Special made parts
A list of reproduction parts
made by lancaster sprints
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Below are two images of crankshaft pins that did not get regular oil changes
crank pin crank pin
sprint crank pin filter

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