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Ron Lancaster
1870 Coleta Road
Tampico, Illinois 61283
Phone - 815-438-7985
Fax - 815- 438-7985

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About Ron Lancaster

In 1964 Ron Lancaster got his first motorcycle. (Hummer) The love affair began and by 1965 he had moved up to a 175 Scat. He started racing the local tracks. His racing career was cut short by a demand for him to volunteer some time to Uncle Sam. The Navy seemed like a good pick so after a quick wedding and boot camp off he went to Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Once he got there he needed transportation and bought a 67SS. Now the fun thing here was they shopped once a month at the commissary and learned to balance six bags of groceries for a trip of 15 miles on this bike. In late 67 he traded the SS for 66CR flat tracker formerly owned and raced by Babe DeMay National #51 .( he also bought an old Buick for groceries). Now he was racing dirt track again and YEAH he could take the bike to Hawaii when he shipped out and race there also.

He was discharged in 68 and they settled down in Tampico ,Il. He then got his Pro license in that process he learned Flat Trackers go a little faster. After starting his family in 69 he got his novice # 18P. He then had a bad crash in Springfield Il. in 72 and was forced to semi retire and in 78 he gave it up completely.

He spent the next few years working as a toolmaker restoring his 57 chevy ridding snowmobiles and boating. It somehow was not the same. In 1990 (a grandpa by then) he went to his first Antique motorcycle race. OH BOY OLD GUYS ON OLD BIKES!!!!!!   He was once again hooked. He had saved allot of his Sprint specialty tools and went to work with his grandson building a CR like the old one he used to race. He now owned a hydraulic repair shop so it was even better as he had access to lathes ECT.

The rest is history, the Sprint Guru had been born! Now Ron reproduces parts and has access to new and old cams,pistons,tail pipes,valve springs,clutch plates,electronic ignitions, and other parts in modern more durable metals at affordable prices. He searches the web and world for NOS parts. He has contacts all over the world. Within a few miles of him Ron has found some of the best painters, Powder coaters, a chrome shop and even a foundry to help him reproduce the Sprints. A top notch Dyno is in house and can be used to break in a motor before they are shipped.

Ron helps many up and coming riders to name a few to watch for Chuck Davis #40 is making a name for himself road racing. Mike Connell # 60 was a 3 time winner of #1 in ARHMA dirt track and is now trying a little road racing. Dave Roper #7( 3 class #1 AHRMA 05 GP 250,350 on Aermacchi) an other road racer to keep an eye on. Ron has also had the honor of building several motors holding the land speed record at El Mirage and Bonneville. He also was the winner of the Al Knapp trophy . He has sold 2 bikes back to Harley for their museum. He has bikes in Ukes Museum in Kenosha . And Vintage Spokes Museum in Rockford Il. has puchased over 20 of his bikes.

This is just a quick history to let you know that Ron loves his SPRINTS.