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Ron Lancaster
1870 Coleta Road
Tampico, Illinois 61283
Phone - 815-438-7985
Fax - 815- 438-7985

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We specialize in building Aermacchi Sprint racing engines and parts."

Lancaster Sprints is a full service Aermacchi Sprint bike repair shop. We  have access to lathes, milling machines, hydraulic presses, welders, micrometers, sanders, and many other machining tools that are required to design and repair your motorcycle.

We have the capabilities to order or manufacture many of the parts needed to repair and rebuild your Aermacchi sprint. We can supply you with camshafts, valves, sprockets, gears, crankshafts, cylinder heads, side covers, spokes, wheels nuts, bolts, springs, pistons, rods, mufflers, tailpipes, triple trees, handle bars, handle grips, tail lights, side covers, motor mounts, clutch plates, toggle switch, wiring, ignitions, fenders, gas tanks, tires, rim,so rings, carburetors, forks, seats, filters, foot pegs, pet cocks, rubber hoses, spark plugs, kick starters, clutch levers, brake levers, cables, battery covers, tool boxes, lights, hub nuts, hose clamps, clutch levers, filters, side plates, shifter levers, spacers, washers, oil lines, fairings, windshields, frames, bushings, flywheels, condensers, bearings, gaskets, rubber seals, transmissions and much more! If the part you need is not in the list above... contact us at [email protected], we will find it for you.

We are able to bore cylinders, grind valves, seat valves, and resurface valves, custom manufacture parts, reproduce parts, repair crank shafts, and balance crank shafts. We can split your cases and give you back a new Aermacchi motor or repair the old. We have access to many other skilled people such as a local foundry can reproduce parts. Our local powder coater is one of the best. We have a painter that does work for us that is excellent at matching colors and creating new ones, Quality Chrome Shop is one of the best chrome plating shops in the United States for re-chroming.

The parts that we do not have on hand can usually be found at the shops of some of our friends. We are authorized dealers for many places also, and that offers us to get you your hard to find parts.

I have restored every model of Sprint including ERS, CRS, CR, CRTT. I have done more SS, H, C, SX motors than I can count. I work on 250's, 350's, European, street racer, flat track, road race and every other kind of Sprint.  We make Sprints for ladies beside the MXer's, and other designs we have built. Lancaster Sprint does not just restore bikes, we also like to design and customize new and different Sprints. A lot of our reproduced parts are made of new metals and alloys that last a lot longer than the old ones did and are lighter weight. We also can ship your parts, motors or even whole bikes anywhere in the world that has UPS or Fed Ex. We have parts and motors in Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, all over Europe, Canada and the USA.

Bikes Sold to Harley Davidson

Seems like allot of the exciting things about Ron and his Sprints started at the Davenport A.H.R.M.A. races and swap meet. At one of these a few years after Ron got started back into restoring and racing the SPRINTS.

He was doing the usual bench racing with the other guys after a race and one of them had bragging rights to the fact that he was friends with some of the "Big Guys" at Harley Davidson and they had asked him to display some of his bikes at the 95th Anniversary meet in Milwaukee.

Thinking this was cool Ron casually said here are some pictures of some pretty rare SPRINTS I have restored. Show them to the "Big Guys" if you get a chance and see what they think. About a week after he got home Kay answered the phone and when she asked who was calling ( she always has to screen the salesmen ) her mouth dropped open and she could hardly believe who was calling. When she went to get Ron and told him HARLEY DAVIDSON was on the phone and wanted to talk to him, Ron laughed and said "Yeah tell them I'll call them back when I can afford that new Sportster".

Check out the pictures of the Harley CRTT in the Museum here...

It took about 3 min to get Ron to actually answer the phone and when he did he too had dropping chin disease. When he finally got his mouth closed the deal began. Harley wanted to buy two of his bikes, a 1965 competition road racer and a 1967 competition dirt tracker. Of course the bikes had to be delivered by Ron and Kay to the plant in Milwaukee. They would have to get security clearance and take them up to the private museum on the upper floor. WOW when they got up there they realized they were seeing things allot of people had never seen. There were projects never finished, one of a kind bikes, new proto types and even some rejects. There were even army bikes dropped from planes behind the lines, bikes painted like a pair of blue jeans ( you would swear it was made from denim) and an original that Elvis owned that they traded a camper for! While sitting in the "Big Guys" office ( Tom Bulforts) and getting a check they realized that they were getting much more than money.

They were getting the bragging rites to the most exciting SPRINT memory they would probably ever have.



lancaster sprints

"The great grand daughter is getting broken in early"